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New Client Form

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    I understand that the products/services provided by Wellness & Retreats, Inc. are not meant to replace the services of my physician(s).

    I understand that the therapies given at Wellness & Retreats, Inc. are for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension or spasm, or for increasing circulation and energy flow to enhance overall wellness and that the therapist does not diagnose physical illness, disease, or mental disorder.

    I have stated all my known medical conditions and assume responsibility to keep the therapist updated on my physical health.

    If under a doctor's care and I use the products/services provided by Wellness & Retreats, Inc. without my doctor's approval, I assume full responsibility and hereby fully and forever release Wellness & Retreats, Inc. from any and all liability.

    I understand that I may be allergic to or have a reaction to one or more ingredients in the body wrap contouring cream which may result in a hive-type rash.

    I understand that no guarantees of refunds will be given on products or services.

    I am of lawful age and have read and fully understand the contents of this form and the above acknowledgements. I understand this form contains the complete agreement between myself and Wellness & Retreats, Inc.

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